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Faith Based Investing

At Alliant Financial Solutions we focus on faith-based investing. We can screen investments to align with your values. Your personal convictions such as valuing life, moral conduct, or items that cause addictive behaviors, can be addressed in an audit of corporate conduct. Faith-based investing in practice is unique to each person, reflecting each individual’s passions, values and principles while taking the form of ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing, socially responsible investing, values-based investing, impact investing and so on. Our questionnaire can help define what matters to you and what you want your investments to align with or avoid.

Our Primary Purpose

Some sample questions we might ask are:

  • Are you concerned that your assets are invested in companies that exploit my neighbor?
    • e.g. alcohol, tobacco, pornography, corporate discrimination.
  • Are you interested in companies that serve my neighbor?
    • e.g. employment practices, home ownership, cybersecurity.

Additionally, there are questions regarding valuing life, the traditional family, personal conduct and more.
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