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Our Values

We have built our firm (and our lives) on a foundation of Christian values and these values reflect in everything that we do. 

Our core values include:

Our Primary Purpose

In a world of large broker-dealers and financial advisors primarily focused on sales, it’s hard to find someone you trust with your assets. But trust is of the utmost importance at our firm and we show up for our clients every single day. This is why they trust us to do what’s right. 

All of our recommendations are always in the best interests of our clients and we aren’t driven by sales or product quotas. Our only loyalty lies with you. 

We choose to be transparent with our clients because we don’t want any mystery or opaqueness in our relationships. We will answer any questions you have and are here for you. 

We build lifelong relationships with our clients and get to know their goals, purpose, and intentions. This connection doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth the extra work. We focus on the human aspect of financial planning and value-based advice.

We hope to instill confidence in our clients by showing them that all our work is driven by these values and more. 

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